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Teible is thoughtfully located in Dubai’s contemporary museum, Jameel Arts Centre. Its philosophy aims to promote a new food culture with a vibrant menu designed around a simplistic kitchen approach. Teible embraces a farm-to-table concept, motivated by a four-pillar value system that includes sustainability, seasonality, simplicity, and integrity.


Experience an ever-evolving tasting menu that prioritizes locally sourced ingredients, crafted with a Nordic sensibility.


Teible believes there is more at play than culinary aesthetics. We are committed to serving a philosophy that extends beyond plating up well-made food.

We are driven to promote eco-conscious practices and initiatives that reduce their impact on the environment. Our pledge toward minimal wastage starts with their commitment to support local farmers and their goal to use every ingredient in its entirety. 


Visit our in-house bakery that prides itself on its minimal waste approach, housing hand-made breads and pastries accompanied by freshly brewed specialty coffee.