May - August 2022

The lifestyle of Bedouins is both seasonal & sustainable, and its beauty is captured in the form of ‘Nabati Poetry’ for centuries. One poet sings of the hot & long summer one spent away on a shore during UAE’s pearl-diving season, in a whirl of reminiscences and hopes for the loved ones.


The second season of our tasting menu is inspired by the Nabati poetry, and the authenticity in its raw but honest words, mirroring the essence of Bedouin lifestyle.



‘Each night of the week, fine lines did I speak’ – The Nabati Poetry of the Untited Arab Emirates: Selected Poems, Annotated and Translated into English by C. Holes & Said Salman Abu Athera, co-published by Ithaca Press & UNESCO 2011.


Teible is not just a restaurant. It is also an educational ground for our customers to understand the beauty of locally grown ingredients within the UAE. Teible supports local and regional food systems which means that our menu is devoted to providing what the land yields.


1        LOCAL FARM

2        CHARRED

3        SUGAR


Teible’s “Farm to Bakery” concept was inspired by the farmers’ way of life and their seasonal produce. Farmers make use of each and every part of the produce and nothing goes to waste. Our team at Teible has adopted this mindset. It is our aim to keep learning and applying this onto every dish not just for the sake of skillfully presenting food in a different light, but reducing wastage through mindful repurposing.